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Autonomous Counter Drone Systems

Non Destructive Catches

No more drones falling out of the sky.
The DroGone catching mechanism prevents harm to anyone on the ground by securing the target, while causing minimal or no damage to it.

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Fully Autonomous

Take a break.
Once DroGone knows an estimated position of the target drone, it can autonomously catch it and return to its base station with the target in-net.

Readily Supervised

The human is always first in command.

To enable supervision of the system, a user interface (UI) provides a live video stream from the catch and extensive information to the supervisor. Via the UI the catching process can be approved, or aborted at any time.

Developed At
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The Team

Nasib Naimi

Nasib Naimi

Luca Strässle

Luca Strässle

Jonathan Becker

Jonathan Becker


Maurice Brunner


Julius Fricke

In Collaboration With
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The Focus-Project

Team DroGonew

DroGone began as a focus-project at ETH Zürich, with the vision of developing a non-destructive anti-drone system, capable of intercepting illicit drones and securely retrieving them. This would allows DroGone to engage with drones in public settings, e.g. over open-air festivals, large-scale sporting events and the like, without risking injury of citizens by falling objects.

Final Focus-Project Trailer

Focus Project


DroGone wants to promote a safer world, therefore we value the following principles:

  • Our technology does in no way enable nor is it involved in harming people.

  • Our technology cannot be used for applications other than what it was designed for.

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